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Another Success for Dark Ocean

Congratulations for the COUNTRY BEST AWARD of CreActive International Open Film Festival (IOFF) [ 4000+ films, 105 countries, 338 international juries ] for "Australia" : It`s "Dark Ocean" directed by Afshin and Kourosh Toussipour

( Certificate and laurels for the COUNTRY BEST AWARD will be sent to the
director`s address soon )

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"DARK OCEAN" Participation Certificate NN Festival Norway

DARK OCEAN has judged and then decided by the jury for Certificate Confirmation of Participation Gratitude for Cooperation, Strengthening, Friendship and Understanding Between Nations NN Festival Norway.

Purpose: The movie is being made with the sole purpose of highlighting the issue of “unauthorised boat arrivals” and its impact onpersonal lives.
Proposed name of the movie: Dark Ocean
Directed under: Kourosh & Afshin Tousipour
Production: Yaran Group
Details of the movie:
•    The movie is based on the lives of 'boat people' and their involvement before and after arrival   
•    It shows what issues and problems 'boat people' have to go through before they settle in.   
•    The darker phase will be explore more to make the audience realize the follies of the system that has been instrumental in ruining minds and lives as well those who enter the country unauthorised.

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