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IA Association Film

Voluntary work request for "The Abiding" Movie

This is a voluntary work and all shooting take one week.

The Abiding is story of an Iranian family living in Australia, this movie shows how two different cultures learning from each other and also what is different between Love someone or like somebody.

Mostly shows some of highlighted cultures an how finally humanity and love are the winners at the end of the line.

“You are love. You are a perfect aspect if the Timeless, living in a bag of illusions. You that are reading this are in an ocean of peace, looking lovingly out into this wondrous world with a joyful smile. As am I, as is every person and even every conscious creature."


Hamid lost his first wife cause of an accident but his wife never left him alone even after he started another life with Nazanin (second wife).If you are interested to join us please email us with your photos and your contact detail.